"After experiencing disappointment with ecommerce suppliers in Norway we looked abroad for necessary expertise and track record. That search led us to Vaimo, who operates internationally, has a sound reputation and is highly recommended by its satisfied clients. We were very satisfied with the proposed architecture and also the competence of Vaimo personnel."

Geir Langbakken

Administrative Director at Tilbords

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The Challenge

Tilbords is a ‘real world’ retailer with 130 stores. Like many companies across the world, it is well aware of the threat and opportunity presented by online shopping. It therefore recognised the necessity of creating a fully-functional ecommerce website to augment its bricks and mortar operations. However, it soon discovered that creating an on- line site is not necessarily a simple matter – until it engaged with Vaimo.

The Solution

With its experience in establishing ecommerce sites that work, Vaimo demonstrated that the Magento platform could quickly meet Tilbords’ needs. Within weeks, Vaimo estab- lished a multi-store site serving the stores directly operated by Tilbords. Crucially, the ecommerce site integrates with the company’s ERP system, allowing for seamless management of an additional market channel.


  • Specialised gift registry
  • Advanced multi-filter navigation
  • Editorial page support
  • Quicklook with product pager
  • Multi-site with unique availability
  • Image management
  • Shipping countdown
  • One step checkout
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