Vaimo offers best practise consulting services on eCommerce strategy. Our approach is data driven and is based on analysing, planning and executing. Vaimo's main goal is to help clients nurture their businesses and make smart decisions based on specific goals and KPI's. We can help you understand the road to conversion and outline the strategy for a successful eCommerce business.



Understanding your eCommerce objectives.

  • Initial project scoping
  • User and market analysis
  • Research & testing
  • Prototyping 


    Driving traffic to your site. 

    • On/off-page SEO optimisation
    • Channel assessment
    • SEM strategy & measurement plan
    • Content strategy 


        Turning visitors to customers.

        • Conversion optimisation
        • A/B testing
        • Performance & UX tuning


          Maximising customer value.

          • Loyalty programmes
          • Email & social marketing
          • CRM & support solutions

            OUR APPROACH

            1. ANALYSE

            • A test- and data- driven approach to building a foundation of insight.
            • Web analytics & tracking
            • User and performance testing
            • Workshops, interviews and surveys
            • Web and sales analytics KPI reports
            • Benchmarking and other research

            2. PLAN

            Forming a strategy for meeting your business goals.

            • Strategy and business development
            • Best-practice eCommerce advice
            • Solution design and technical recommendations
            • Support in development specification and planning
            • Action-oriented KPI scoreboards

            3. EXECUTE

            Converting your strategy into actions and making sure they really happen.

            • Shared online project portal for task management
            • Regular status meetings and touch-points
            • Operative support for your eCommerce team
            • Hands- on coaching and training
            • Result- focused follow- up reporting


            The Ecommerce Strategy team at Vaimo is a group of skilled and seasoned experts within eCommerce, Magento and operations. All consultants are senior level professionals with more than 10 years of experience from marketing/advertising (retail), online gaming and digital commerce. Characteristics for members of the strategy team are strong analytical skills, focus on business development and a profound interest in eCommerce.

            We assist clients in key areas such as customer acquisition, conversion, usability, customer management or consulting with a clear aim of maximising online sales. Our approach is test and metrics driven, all our actions are based on customer feedback or business intelligence data.

            In addition to our in-house team we also have a large network of partners, specialising in different aspects of eCommerce and with whom we cooperate where needed.

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