Designing experiences for digital commerce

At Vaimo we create beautiful eCommerce sites that are designed to help your online business thrive. After defining your eCommerce objectives with our strategy team we will start our design process which goes through four stages - information architecture, interaction design, visual design, solution design & prototyping. If responsive is part of the project, Graphical Design will include responsive interface for 3 screen sizes. Throughout this process we work together with our clients until the final design is refined and approved.


Creating the structure of the site with detailed functional and flow descriptions.

Content maps describing how editorial and commercial content is organised on the site
Interaction maps with details over different visitor types and their respective user journeys
Template maps gives an overview of the features and general scope of the front end theme


Optimising the layout of your website for eCommerce across all different devices.

  • Low-fidelity wireframes for key pages in a responsive interface
  • High-fidelity wireframes for selected views and viewports



Getting the look & feel of your site right according to your brand is our speciality. 

  • Style Tiles, detailed sketches of graphical manner, typography and key elements
  • PSD Design Comps, detailed Photoshop-sketches of selected views and viewports


Creating and recommending the technical solutions to meet your feature and design requirements.

  • Technical solution description for the implementation
  • Design and feature prototyping


Vaimo's design team is very versatile and consists of people with expertise in all aspects of digital design for eCommerce - the team is made up of seasoned art directors as well as interaction & web designers with a great understanding of Magento admin. We design unique and effective user interfaces by aligning visual design & user experience as well as technical implementation.

Vaimo's design team works closely together with your Account manager, Project manager and delivery team as well as Vaimo's eCommerce strategy department. The team's ability to run design projects from start to finish - from the discovery workshops to creating information architecture to interaction and graphic design - gives our clients a certainty that the designs we produce are painstakingly researched for a great eCommerce result. 

Ultimately, we create designs that combine our clients' brand story together with our knowledge of eCommerce design - helping to sell products in the best way possible while caring for the end customer's needs and expectations. Vaimo's design team is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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