DELIVER consistent and high quality product information to your different channels

Product Information Management has become a crucial part of the whole commerce solution implementation and it provides a consistently great customer experience through different channels. The focus of traditional product information management is on managing product data, integrations and flows. However, currently the real need of the marketing professional is the ability to create, plan and release great product stories. Creating a great customer experience in any channel is very much dependent on the content that is provided. The richer, more accurate and more timely the information about the product, the better.
Vaimo helps to simplify product information management for both B2B and B2C companies and provides structure, control, and trust in product data through the PIM platforms, allowing marketing teams to be more efficient in their day-to-day work, resulting in shorter time-to-market for all company products. With Vaimo PIM solutions, you have a single point of access to, and control of, every aspect of your PIM process. Depending on your needs, preferences and budget we provide you with the best PIM solution on the market-  whether on inRiver Product Marketing Cloud or open source Akeneo platform.


  • - If you want to deliver higher quality product information and avoid inconsistency between different channels. 
  • - If you want to manage different sales channels and select which products will be released in each sales channel. 
  • - If you have a complex product information setup with thousands of products and/or attributes and need a lot of manpower to organise the enrichment and quality of it. 
  • - If you want to speed up the launch of new products to the market/markets. 
  • - If you sell globally and want to process products in different languages and/or markets. 
  • - If you want to enrich your customer experience, reduce customer complaints, have fewer product returns and exchange of products. 
  • - If you want to support your brand awareness and harmony along with different channels and promotions. 
  • - If you want to improve governance and compliance processes and comply with the appropriate regulations in every country. 
  • - If you want a "single source of truth" to your product information.

You can read more about the PIM, what it is and the benefits of it from our blog post.  

    Vaimo provides THE following services around PIM implementation:

    • Pre-study of your needs
    • Configuration
    • Customisation
    • Integrations

    Below are some of Vaimo's clients using Vaimo PIM solutions.

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