Unparalleled integration experience 


Here at Vaimo we are very proud of the integrations we have done by utilising both the skills of our bright system architects and developers as well as the acknowledged best practise guidelines.  We are confident that our team with a strong ERP background has fuelled our vast integration experience, emphasising the fact that we don't only know how the Front End of your online store works (how to get orders), but understand the back office operations related the order processing, stock management, warehouse management, production and finance just as much. 

Some examples of the leading  business systems we typically integrate with include ERP, OMS, WMS, POS, CRM and PIM systems, Payment Gateways, eMail Marketing Platforms, Review Systems, Recommendation engines, etc.

Vaimo can do "point to point integrations" - integrating directly between Magento and the different best of breed systems - but we can also integrate Magento with different Enterprise Service Bus systems like Microsoft Biztalk, Mulesoft and others. 

Thanks to this, your online store will be able to seamlessly retrieve and send information across a wide range of touch-points to your in-house systems, thus keeping the administration of data within one system and significantly decreasing the risk of errors.

In the end of the day the integrations Vaimo has done between your business systems and online store, mean that you as our client can concentrate on running your business rather than worrying about the data integration between your online store and your back-office system.


We have spent thousands of hours integrating Magento with some of the following best of breed platforms (not limited to below names):


During the Discovery phase of the project the system architect and backend developers will assess your current business platforms as well as new potential platforms and recommend the best suited integration framework to be implemented. 

The framework consists of several different integration flows (touch points) that come together in Vaimo's special Integration scheduler module which you can operate directly from the admin panel of your Magento store. It's used for only file based integration touchpoints and not for real-time integrations.

The Integrations scheduler module will allow you to set different rules like setting a frequency for each touchpoint (flow) separately. You can also see the status for each touchpoint, the last time the integration touch point successfully completed its task and the next time the touch point (the flow) is scheduled to run. You can also drill down into problematic touch points and get information on details that can highlight reasons for data flow failures. 

Vaimo offers different integration methods (web service based & file based) and we assess each integration independently to advise on the approach. The chosen approach is influenced by key factors such as communication protocols available for existing in-house systems, size of the data, frequency of the data, etc.

The challenges and complexity of integrating Magento with other best of breed platforms can often be underestimated which leads to poor integrations that are unstable, unreliable and more importantly affect the performance of the connected systems. Vaimo has picked up some valuable tips and tricks over the years and written a few of  our own API's to overcome these challenges. We are able to simplify the process enough to ensure integrations are stable, reliable and optimised to reduce impact on the performance.

Example of an integration map

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